Are you looking for collaborators
in ErUM-Data?

Networking and exchange are two of the core working areas of the ErUM-Data-Hub. We are therefore happy to accompany and support you in finding consortium partners in ErUM-Data:

  • We connect you with other ErUM scientists who are working on similar issues.
  • We find collaborators with whom you can write ErUM-Data proposals together.
  • We help you to expand and consolidate your network in ErUM-Data in preparation for the next ErUM-Data call.

Subscribe to the Consortia in ErUM-Data mailing list to stay up-to-date.

This list ( is for the ErUM-Data community interested in establishing consortia and finding likeminded peers, especially regarding the upcoming ErUM-Data Call and will provide you with information on the ErUM-Data Call and invitations to networking events.

From March to May 2024:
  • We invite you to take part in this survey, which gives you the opportunity to connect with other people with similar proposal plans and areas of interest and to share your needs regarding further support measures.
In April 2024:
  • We will inform you about online and offline networking activities via the new mailing list.
In June2024:
  • We will organize a Network Day in Aachen (June 10). This event is to provide a networking opportunity for likeminded ErUM-Data scientists and the possibility to discuss similar proposal ideas for the upcoming ErUM-Data Call.

Do you have an idea for a proposal and would like to organize an online or face-to-face event? 

Take a look at our support services for ErUM-Data events

Have a look at the following Links that may contain helpful information:

More info to follow soon. 

Any Questions?

Do you still have any questions? Do you have any suggestions or do you see an opportunity for collaboration? Feel free to contact the ErUM Data Hub team in Aachen. 

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Any Questions?

Are there any unanswered questions? Feel free to contact the ErUM Data Hub team in Aachen. 

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