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The ErUM Data Hub is the central networking and transfer point for the digital transformation in the exploration of the universe and matter. Learn more about our tasks and goals.


We are Digital Knowledge Agent

As part of Aktionsplan ErUM-Data the ErUM Data Hub pursues the overarching goal of digital transformation in fundamental ErUM-Pro research. Read more about who we are and what we do.

ErUM Short Facts

Wofür steht die Abkürzung „ErUM“ und wer sind die ErUM-Comunities? Hier erhalten Sie Antworten – in aller Kürze. 


In Germany, about 20,000 scientists are involved in the exploration of the universe and matter with large-scale equipment.


German ErUM research is organized in 8 ErUM committees. These committees coordinate and represent the interests of the respective research areas.

Aktionsplan ErUM-Data

With the aim of exploiting the full potential of digital solutions in basic research in the natural sciences and ensuring excellent research in the future, the BMBF has published the ErUM-Data action plan.


The ErUM Data Hub is the central networking and transfer point for the digital transformation in the exploration of universe and matter. In close coordination with the ErUM communities, the Hub implements the strategic measures of the ErUM Data Action Plan. 

Years "Aktionsplan ErUM-Data"



Ein Rückblick auf die zweite Ausgabe der ErUM-Data-Hub Deep Learning School “Basic Concepts”.


Am 7. und 8. Februar 2023 lud der ErUM-Data-Hub zum Deep Learning Train-the-Trainer Workshop “Basic Concepts” ein.


Mit dem Active Training Course „Advanced Deep Learning“ schließt der ErUM-Data-Hub das Veranstaltungsjahr 2022 ab. 

Workshops & Schulen 2023

In collaboration with the DIG-UM Topic Board Knowledge Distribution, the ErUM-Data-Hub will be hosting exciting workshops and schools.

Event-Programme 2023

The ErUM-Data-Hub program 2023 is online! In 2023, the ErUM-Data-Hub will again organize exciting workshops and schools in cooperation with DIG-UM. The events are aimed at participants from all ErUM communities and will be held at different locations in Germany. 

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Follow us

On our social media channels you will be regularly informed about our events and exciting news from ErUM research. 

Gemeinsam zum Ziel

Starke Partnerschaften. Gebündelte Kompetenz. Eine gemeinsame Vision.

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Stay tuned

Our website is still under construction. Soon you will find exciting news from ErUM research, networking opportunities and more information about upcoming events. If you have any questions or suggestions, the ErUM Data Hub team will be happy to help. 

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